Truck & Tractor Pull
• 6500 V-8 Hot Rod Tractors must have proper
safety equipment.  18.4-38 tires maximum and
20” drawbar. 
• 6200 Super Stock 4 x 4 Trucks will be Sanctioned Lucas Pro.  Call Bob Black at 724-777-2901 with questions.
• 7700 Classic Super Stock Tractors will follow
COTPA rules and points.  Visit
for details.
• 9300 Super Farm Tractors will be using OSTPA rules.
• 8000 Open Street Legal 4x4 Trucks is open to
any 4x4 diesel truck.  Driveshaft loops, u-joint
shields, scatter blanket or blow proof 
bellhousing/kill switch are required.
• 10500 Classic Pro Farm Tractors must have a roll
cage and scatter blanket.  Must have other safety
equipment for the class it would normally pull in. 
No cast flywheels permitted.
Harrison County Agricultural Society • Mailing Address: PO Box 274, Cadiz, Ohio 43907 • Physical Location: 550 Grant Street, Cadiz, Ohio 43907 • 740-942-8332
Open Truck & Tractor Pull
Saturday, July 7, 2012 • 7: 00 p.m.
    Classes • Total Purse Payout $10,250
    8000 Open Diesel 4X4 • $1000
    6500 V-8 Hot Rod Tractor Columbiana Co. Rules • $2000
    6200 Super Stock 4X4 Truck Sanctioned Lucas Pro* • $2500
    7700 Classic Super Stock Tractors COTPA Rules • $2000
    9300 Super Farm Tractor OSTPA Rules • $2000
    10,500 Classic Pro Farm Tractor-Bunker Hill Shootout • $750
* For more information concerning 6200 Trucks only, contact Bob Black 724-777-2901
For more information concerning all other classes contact Don Jones at 740-391-5025 or the Fair Board Office at 740-942-8332. NOTE: the blue rules tab to the right is no longer completely accurate as that portion of the website cannot be updated. Consult your 2012 fair book.
Sled Provided by Crouse Sled Rental of Newville, PA
Pull Organized and Operated by Harrison County Fair Board.
• All tractors must be stock in appearance from front to rear. All hoods, grilles, fenders and frames will be stock appearing for that make and model of tractor. Front ends must be wide front. Tractors must have stock block or its replacement.
• All tractors must use the fuel it was designed for. Diesel tractors must have the  correct stock pump for that make and model.
• Tractors must have drawbar with 3” minimum hole, located no more than 20” in height, and no less than 18” from center of rear axle. Drawbar will be solid in all directions.
• If weight or excess fluids or any parts fall off during pull, that pull will be disqualified.
• No more than one person permitted on tractor. NO RIDERS.
• Tractors must have a double spring loaded throttle
• All tractors must have a safety kill switch an/or shutoff that is accessible both to the driver and the rear of the tractor. Tractors must have a 2 1/2 lb. minimum dry powder fire extinguisher. Drivers must wear a helmet when pulling.
• Tractors in this class will have roll cage, wheelie bars and must be able to support weight of the tractor according to NTPA specs.
• Exhaust pipes off of turbos must have cross bolts with minimum grade of 5/16 diameter.
• Flywheel blankets are required. Steel flywheels are required, no cast flywheels.
• Front weights cannot extend more than 11’ from center of rear axle to the front of the weights. Rear weights cannot extend more than 6” past rear of back tire and in no way interfere with hooking or unhooking of the sled. No wheel weights are permitted.
• Drivers must start with a tight chain. Jerking of the sled will not be permitted.
• All tractors are subject to random safety checks, hitch height and weight checks.
Pull Organized and Operated by Harrison County Fair Board.